Another day…

…another photo of a knackered woman with a ludicrously bright bag! This time the neon Zatchel I ordered from the BrandAlley sale posted about here. When I dropped off the children to my parents’ this morning, my Dad, always the comedian, asked if it was a safety measure. It has also drawn a few comments, … Read more

My Basics – part 3

As you’ve probably gathered by now, my off-duty look is very casual. I have to be smart and tailored at work, which isn’t really my natural state of being, so I like to embrace my true style on my days out of the office. If there is one category in my wardrobe I really couldn’t … Read more

Monday Morning Lust List – Whistles

So, here we are, Monday again, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll need something to perk up this cold and dreary day. Yesterday, between shouts of “don’t touch that!” and “we will go to the toy department IN A MINUTE”, I managed a quick browse in my local Whistles concession. And I very much … Read more