An update!

Hello readers, if I have any left!

I’ve been a bad blogger and I hang my head in penance.

I found that while I wasn’t working, I mostly wore workout clothes or skinnies and trainers. Not very inspiring fodder for a supposed style blog! But now I’m ready to hopefully make some valuable contributions to this long-neglected blog. So here’s a brief update on what’s gone on in my world over the last 6 months.

Things that have changed

I’m back at work

I went back to work nearly two months ago now, to the same organisation, but a completely different role. To say it’s been a baptism of fire would be an understatement but I’m loving my new position and, to be honest, just feeling like I have a bit of purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my babies, but there are only so many times you can read Room on the Broom before you lose your shit. They are both now happily ensconced in full-time education and I feel like a new woman! It’s also nice to be financially independent again. Mr TMT never once made me feel bad about my spending, but it’s so lovely to be able to treat myself guilt-free.

My dress size

One of the great advantages to not working was having the time to invest in my body. I developed a real fitness regime for the first time in my life and I was able to subsist on food that didn’t come from a vending machine. As such I’ve gone from a comfortable 10 to a 6-8. I am determined to keep it up (luckily we have a gym on-site at work).

Things that haven’t changed

My photography equipment

Still plugging away with the old iPhone/mirror combo I’m afraid, with Mr TMT taking my photo on the odd occasion he’s actually here!

My shoe/handbag addiction

The force is strong in this one.

New arrivals

Of course there have been quite a few in the last 6 months, but here are the two game-changers…


This Chanel Wallet on a Chain was an anniversary gift and I just love it to bits. I’m a huge fan of a small cross-body bag and this one is the perfect size for my essentials. Yes, it was pricey, but I will use it day and night for years to come!


The other new addition to my life is this little fellow. This is Sven, the newest family member. We’re all besotted with him, even though he is a total tool and wakes me up by biting my nose at 5.30am.

Back on Tuesday with the return of the ‘view from the loo’!



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