The perfect white T-shirt

There are a few items in a woman’s wardrobe which are the holy grail. The pair of skinny jeans that fits like a dream and keeps shape all day. The dress that shows off all your best assets while remaining just the right side of slutty. And of course, the perfect white T-shirt.

It recently came to my attention recently that not only did I not possess a ‘perfect’ example of the simple white tee, I didn’t possess any iteration thereof. I had finally consigned my Whistles seam back tee to the charity shop (nice enough but the neckline is a tad too scoopy for me and it was too see-through).

So obviously I needed one. Now, my T-shirt purchasing is so serial they could make a podcast about me. Money is no object – Helmut Lang at £70? No problem (except the fact it has bobbled). I’ve also bought very cheap ones – H&M (usually Viscose, seams likely to twist). But I’ve only ever found two really, really good ones.

The first is a grey marl Gap Body one that I bought shortly after I had my daughter, so about 3 years ago. Still looks new despite being worn hundreds of times. Fantastic. But of course they don’t do it in white. Back to the drawing board.

Pure Body short-sleeve tee - £12.95

Pure Body short-sleeve tee – £12.95

The other is a black Supima cotton one from Uniqlo, bought shortly after I had my son (I clearly go on t-shirt buying binges when my old ones after stretched to buggery by pregnancy), so 5 YEARS ago. Again, like new. Great shape – nice tight crew neck, sleeves just the right length (slightly longer than capped, but not halfway down my upper arm). And this one they did do in white. For under a tenner. Ding, ding ding jackpot.

Supima Cotton Modal Short Sleeve T-Shirt - £9.90

Supima Cotton Modal Short Sleeve T-Shirt – £9.90

I cannot rate these highly enough – lovely and thick, impossible to crease, great range of colours. And if crew necks aren’t your thing they also do scoop and V-neck, which while I haven’t tried I bet are just as good. Sizing is pretty standard I think – I’m a reasonably busty 8 and I take a Small, which is my size in most brands.

Honestly, if you’re looking for a great basic tee, I strongly recommend you give these a whirl – chances are you won’t look back.

Right, mission accomplished. I’m off to search for the ‘right side of slutty dress’ now…

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