How to wear the Seventies trend (Part 1)

So, the seventies. Initially I thought ‘nah, that’s not for me’. My image of the seventies was a bit ‘Abigail’s party’ and involved a lot of maxi dresses, paisley and orange. None of which is especially my bag.

However, over the last couple of months I have accumulated three pieces *wankspeak alarm*, which, when combined with my existing wardrobe, should see me through the trend quite nicely, whilst still feeling more me, less Margo Leadbetter. Bonus times.

The most recent acquisition, which I shall talk about today, is this Forever 21 denim skirt.

Button-Down Denim Skirt £9.99

I wanted a button down denim skirt SO badly when I was 11 but never got one, so this is realising a childhood aspiration (I know, dream big). I like the colour and length of this one and at £9.99, it’s not exactly playing for high stakes. It’s not the heaviest weight obviously, but I don’t like stiff, thick denim in the warmer months.


T-shirt – Uniqlo (these t-shirts are the absolute nuts, they may even warrant their own post
Skirt – Forever 21 (limited sizes, similar here)
Sandals – Pierre Hardy for Gap (ancient – similar here
Belt – Angel Jackson

Fast forward to warmer weather and I shall be wearing it like this – with a simple white tee tucked in, platform sandals and possibly an interesting belt.

In the interim you may well see me wearing it with a polo neck and over the knee suede boots… Keep an eye on my Instagram, if you’re interested in that kind of thing!

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