Can I wear a crop top?

Possibly one of the most terrifying trends of the past few years is the return of the crop top. Circa 1998 I was happily trotting around in a Kookai cropped t-shirt with my low slung baggy combats, pretending I was the fifth member of All Saints, but this is 15 years and two babies later so can I still wear one?

To be honest I had dismissed the matter out of hand with a hollow laugh, until I was browsing the Adidas website (looking for running tops for my dear husband’s birthday) when I spotted this:

I have a bit of a thing for pineapples. I eat at least one a week and just love the look of them. No idea why, but we all have our niche interests. So you can see why this appealed to me. I ordered it thinking I’d just wear it over another vest to the gym, but when I arrived I liked it too much to condemn it to a life as exercise wear.

A pair of high waisted jeans and a boyfriend cardi later we have this. So can I pull it off or am I delusional?



Cardigan – Gap
Top – Adidas x Farm
Jeans – Goldsign
Shoes – Next

2 thoughts on “Can I wear a crop top?

  1. I love it and it looks great but I’d like to see it with a softer waistband – harem/track pants or a jersey tube skirt (that’s what I’m doing with mine).

  2. I like the top – not sure about it with belly button on show – would be better with higher waistband iyswim, more modern to just have skin between boobs and belly button showing I think. And you have the figure for it so ditch the cardi!

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