American Vintage – Tee on Trial with The Dressing Room

Over the last week I’ve been putting an American Vintage Jacksonville T-shirt through its paces. I must admit, I’m no stranger to these fabulous tees as you can see here and here. They really are great little tops though, a flattering deep v-neck, slightly flared with rolled, raw edges for added cool-French-girl effect. I also really like the slight slub effect of the fabric and the depth of the colour. These tees come in a vast array of colours, but the lovely Jaime at The Dressing Room picked out this gorgeous plum one for me to try out:

20131029-184805.jpgA great choice, I think! A beautiful colour for A/W, it looks fabulous with navy, black, grey, burgundy – all my favourites! Anyway, enough eulogising, on to the road test…

I spend quite a lot on my wardrobe so I like to make my clothes work, hard. I hate it when something lovely hangs there sadly only getting the occasional outing because it just doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle. With this in mind, I wanted to make sure I could make this T-shirt work for all occasions; dressing up, dressing down and dressing for work.

I wore it to the Insiders Event at The Dressing Room:
20131029-185902.jpgIt was super easy to pair with pleather leggings and my trusty Pistol boots, and when I felt a bit chilly I just threw a plaid shirt and a scarf on top.


Tee – American Vintage c/o The Dressing Room
Pleather leggings – Uniqlo
Shirt – Uniqlo
Boots – Acne
Necklace – Alex Monroe
Scarf – Pure Collection
Bag – Alexander Wang

Next, I wore it for a trip to the cinema with the nippers:
20131029-190658.jpgSlight difference in the level of glamour, but hopefully not too bad for an off duty look. The tee looks great under a fitted leather jacket and I love the colour with my grey skinnies!


Tee – American Vintage c/o The Dressing Room
Jacket – Oasis
Scarf – Louis Vuitton
Jeans – Goldsign
Trainers – Nike
Bangles – Tokyo Jane c/o The Dressing Room
Bag – Alexander Wang
Cute kid – Model’s own

Finally, I wore it to work. This is always the greatest challenge with a tee, I think. Our dress code is ‘business casual’ and, while that’s open to interpretation, it tends to be more business than casual.

20131029-192705.jpgApols for loo-view shot – I would have liked to have done an in-situ desk pose but my work is top secret *cough, MI5, cough*, so I can’t take any pics on the floor. This is probably my favourite outfit – I love the deep berry tones and the juxtaposition of the slubby fabric and the smooth leather.

20131029-193021.jpgI got complimented on this outfit a lot. I even got asked out on the way home – ‘do you always look this hot when you go to work?’. Smooth operator.


Tee – American Vintage c/o The Dressing Room
Leather Skirt – Ebay
Shoes – Michael Kors
Bag – Mulberry
Watch – Olivia Burton (similar here)

So, my verdict? This is a ‘take you anywhere’ t-shirt, it really is. The fit is great and the shape is very flattering. And, as you can tell from the intensive use it has had over the past week, it washes really well too. I cannot stand a t-shirt that loses shape after a couple of washes (I’m looking at you Helmut Lang).

At £45, these aren’t the cheapest t-shirts on the market, but the quality is fabulous and the range of colours is unrivalled. I’ve just counted and The Dressing Room have 19 colours in this style alone! Oh, and they also do a long-sleeved version too.

On my wishlist are the slate

…the heather grey long sleeved

20131029-195052.jpg…and the cactus.


What colours are on your wishlist? As ever the lovely folk at The Dressing Room will be only too glad to help you out should you need, so why not check out the website or pop in to get your AV fix?

P.S. I was very kindly allowed to keep the T-shirt shown in the pictures, but I already owned a couple and really do think they are great. This is a lip service free zone.

P.P.S. I told him I was married and he suggested we could keep the arrangement to ourselves. I demurred, but he did have a lovely gold tooth.

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  1. Fab review! I am also a fan of AV Jacksonville T’s in both long and short-sleeved versions…..hadn’t noticed the Cactus colour till I read your blog….so that’s my next colour choice sorted!! Thank you for your help 😀
    Charlotte x

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