C150 – Day 2

So, Day One passed without incident, but then even I would hope I’d make it one day.

Do you ever think about ‘the one that got away’? Just to be straight here, I’m talking about dresses, not blokes. Most of those were instantly forgettable, and if I remember them, it’s usually for the wrong reasons. Anyway, I digress.

This dress was, for a time, that one that got away. I first spotted it on a trip to Bicester just before my daughter was born, two years ago. When I say ‘just’, I really do mean it; I was three days away from my due date. At one point I started having painful Braxton Hicks in Petit Bateau, and my mum started hyperventilating at the prospect of delivering a baby at an outlet centre. To be honest, it could have been a good thing, depending on their gift hamper policy. Anyway, her luck was in and I had another week to wait, so we popped into LK Bennett, where I spotted (bah-dum-tish) this lovely midnight blue, leopard print wrap dress. Problem was, they only had it in a size 8, and at the time I was approximately size whale, so I regretfully left it there and bought an ugly, green North Face cagoule instead (hormones).

A year later, I was trying to find a dress for a couple of weddings, and I thought to myself ‘wouldn’t it be nice if I had that blue leopard print dress?’. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, a few clicks on Ebay and one was winging it’s way to me for a very reasonable £30, and as I was now more size porpoise than size whale, the 8 fitted a dream. I do love a happy ending.

So, after quite a big build up (sorry, I’m bored on my commute) here is said dress:

It really is a lovely fit and, I think, rather flattering. Unlike a lot of wrap dresses, it doesn’t make me look like a busty barmaid, and there is enough of a ‘wrap’ that I don’t flash my thighs to all and sundry. Yes, I’m one satisfied customer.


Dress – LKB via EBay
Shoes – Russell & Bromley
Necklace – Next

2 thoughts on “C150 – Day 2

  1. That dress is a fab fit on you and how tiny is your waist. I think I’ve reached that age where I was previously pear and now becoming apple. I miss my waist.

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