Wednesday Want

Apologies for radio silence, the household was struck by a hideous sickness bug and between looking after various members of my family and being afflicted myself, blogging has fallen by the wayside!

I’m still feeling (and looking) pretty ropey, so there’ll be no outfit post today, but it’ll take more than Norovirus to stop me mentally spending money. This week, I’m all about the printed pencil skirt. Here are my two favourites:
20130508-191403.jpgThis Whistles beauty is so bright and zingy; I’d probably go the whole hog and wear it with my neon yellow fitted shirt to really inject some colour into the office.

A more sedate (and thrifty) option would be this fabulous palm print skirt from George at Asda:

20130508-191100.jpgI raved about it after seeing it at the preview day, and it has finally hit the website. This gorgeous print would look so fresh with a white t-shirt. And for £12? It would be rude not to…

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Want

  1. Ooh. Thought you’d gone a bit quiet but I’m glad you’re on the mend – I can tell, the interest in clothes is picking up again! I love the George one from what I can see online – the green is floating my boat.

  2. I love those skirts, especially the Asda one! I hope you are feeling better soon. Didn’t pick that bug up at centre parcs, did you?

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