Yee Haw!

Well, I totally failed to post that pic before I got legless, and indeed I got so legless not only did I fail to get the shot anyway, but I totally incapacitated myself yesterday. Ah well, I will recreate the outfit at some point over the weekend (once I’ve sponged off the Jagermeister) and post a photo then.

Today I’ve got a sinus headache and feel a bit sorry for myself so comfort and warmth have been key.

Scarf – Pure collection, as featured here
Jumper – Uniqlo (the softest cashmere but only available in Winter)
T-shirt – Helmut
Jeans – Goldsign Virtual
Boots – Cobra Society

More on the boots: these might just be my favourite boots (and if you see my shoe closet, you’ll see they’ve fought off a lot of competition for that title. I picked these up at a sample sale for about 10% of the (ridiculous) £640 RRP, and I love ’em. Super comfy, and not a boot that has become ubiquitous (I’m looking at you Pistols).Not for everyone I know, but I’ve always been a fan of the cowboy boot. In fact, my first ever fashion purchase was a pair of pale blue leather cowboy boots from Office that I saved up my babysitting pennies for. They were £70, which was a fortune to me at the time. Think I might still have them somewhere…


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  1. Love those boots Amber. I saw some similar in Selfridges – think they were Hudsons and was quite tempted……. Hope sinus pain eases – it’s just horrible..

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