An introduction…

Hello and welcome to Twentymumthing.

I decided to start this blog after I noticed a slight gap in the blogging market. Now, I love a good style blog, and my reading encompasses a really broad spectrum, from the uber-high fashion blogs – y’know the ones full of directional headpieces and brothel creepers – to the slightly safer, but no less valuable, mum blogs.

However, what I have noticed in my extensive research, is that the twentysomething bloggers tend to fall into the former category. Surely, I can’t be the only one not standing pigeon-toed on a street corner wearing a tutu and Nars Schiap?

Now, I don’t mean this blog to be divisive – I want readers of every age – and due to my split life as part-time toddler wrangler, part-time corporate drone, I hope the range of attire I’ll be showcasing will have something for everyone. Can’t promise any Boden though, unless it’s on the kids.

So, if you like clothes – read on. I’ve got plenty of ’em!


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