Another day…

…another photo of a knackered woman with a ludicrously bright bag! This time the neon Zatchel I ordered from the BrandAlley sale posted about here. When I dropped off the children to my parents’ this morning, my Dad, always the comedian, asked if it was a safety measure. It has also drawn a few comments, … Read more

The undead walk among us… and they’re carrying Barbie’s handbag

Between them my children conspired to have me up no less than 8 times in the night, on top of a nasty cold I’ve been incubating, so please excuse the ghostly pallor. Outfit: Jacket – H&M (about 3 years old) Dress – Me&Em Tights (in case anyone cares) – Falke Shoes – Russell & Bromley … Read more

Not since Nelly and Kelly has there been such a Dilemma…

So, I mentioned that for the past few weeks I’ve been a-saving for a new summer bag (extremely out of character, I normally just use the joint account and have an argument with my husband about what constitutes reasonable expenditure when the statement arrives). Well, I’m nearly there, and the purchase will be made in … Read more

Lounge Lizard

So, frenzied with new purchase excitement, I just had to wear the lizard scarf today. Now I don’t know about you but as far as silk scarves go I find it very hard to walk the line between air hostess and Duchess of Cornwall (props to Camilla, she looks great, but I’m, y’know, 28), so … Read more